Integrated facility management

Accomplish strategic and financial goals for your buildings, assets, and talent with comprehensive, flexible facilities strategies and solutions.

Future-focused facility management solutions

Human experience services

Bring together your culture and experience goals in a comprehensive strategy that heightens the experience for employees, visitors, and guests.

Flexible facilities management

Help your in-house facilities team do more. Build on existing skills. Boost efficiency, lower costs, and increase transparency.

Engineering & energy services

Take a holistic approach to asset management, maintenance planning, engineering, and energy management to improve your buildings' health and performance.

Smart buildings

Harness new technology, system connections, and real-time building data to make workplaces more efficient and people more productive.

Featured digital products & solutions

Best-in-class digital strategies and solutions help you improve efficiency, drive greater employee engagement and productivity, and gain data-driven insights for better decision-making.
Enterprise workplace application

Connect employees to your workplace seamlessly. The app enables a better user experience and provides real-time employee feedback and other data to help you make smarter real estate decisions.


Get the information you need to make better decisions and improve service with automation, accountability, assets and analytics delivered by Corrigo, a JLL company.

Business services network

In our new digital marketplace, centralized repair and maintenance services come with actionable facility analytics and the advantages of discounted pricing; reliable, high-quality service with negotiated rates; and vendors hand-picked by JLL.


Identify building problems that often go undetected. Catch potential failures before they happen. Our remote monitoring platform helps you analyze, improve and optimize energy costs and maintain peak building performance.

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Transform your real estate properties with smart, technology-driven facilities management solutions that can improve employee satisfaction, increase property efficiency, and strengthen your decisions.