Sustainability and resilience rise up the agenda

Global Real Estate Transparency Index, 2020-Sustainability and resilience rise up the agenda

The real estate industry is under mounting pressure to move to a healthy, resilient and low-carbon future, and the latest Transparency Index has been extended to cover several new sustainability metrics and frameworks, including net zero carbon building frameworks, climate-resilient building codes and water efficiency standards.

Source: JLL, LaSalle

These are the world’s most transparent markets when it comes to measuring the environmental sustainability of real estate

Steady improvement in sustainability transparency

The Sustainability Transparency Sub-Index has shown the greatest improvement within the survey since 2018, with adoption of voluntary sustainability measures such as green building certification systems and energy efficiency standards driving progress. France and Australia have taken the global lead on sustainability transparency and been among the first adopters of new sustainability initiatives.

However, there is considerable room for further improvements. There has been relatively low implementation of mandatory standards, and most middle and low-income countries continue to be burdened by low sustainability transparency.

More progress needed on journey to a transparent and sustainable built environment

Acknowledgement of the need to create a sustainable built environment is bringing ESG considerations into the mainstream. Looking ahead, the imperative to tackle climate change and build a significantly decarbonized economy will lead to new transparency pressures. We are likely to see the rise of new frameworks, regulations and metrics to support the roll out of net zero carbon, resilient and healthy buildings.