Client story

Harnessing the power of AI to create more efficient and effective workplaces

JLL uses new occupancy management methods for the hybrid workplace, along with artificial intelligence, to restore workplace vibrancy and better utilize space for a global client


Chicago, IL


Operationalized workforce strategy, enhanced human performance, achieved interim cost savings


Created more productive workplace environment


A global Fortune 500 professional services firm occupied multiple floors in Class A+ office tower, in a major urban market. A newly implemented post-pandemic hybrid work model resulted in a lack of ability to properly manage the flow of people within their workspace. In addition, the new ways of working resulted in substantial under-utilization of space. Client wanted to restore workplace vibrancy and better utilize space.


JLL provided a unique solution that:

  • Introduced a dynamic planning program that replaced traditional, time consuming, static processes
  • Integrated and operationalized AI-enabled technology to aid in the enablement of iterative space assignments
  • Leveraged utilization data to enable interim and long-term optimization options
  • Provided a platform for employee choice
We implemented revolutionary AI-enabled technology which allowed us to easily:
  • Collect and manage utilization data
  • Document anchoring constraints such as the reception area, mail room and coffee bar
  • Integrate hybrid workforce expectations and a broad spectrum of workstyles
  • Leverage AI for rapid development of alternative workplace scenarios

Medium Term

  • Operationalize workforce strategy: Provides a methodology for integrating employee choice and supports varying job personas
  • Enhanced human performance: Employees benefit from increased opportunities for collaboration when they are in the office
  • Interim cost savings: Reduction in energy and building maintenance costs for interim by mothballing excess space

Interim Management Plan

  • Data-driven monitoring of demand curve to proactively signal when capacity changes are required
  • Integrated change management to assist employees and management through the transition to hybrid work

Long Term Opportunity

  • Will allow the client to identify permanent excess capacity more easily
  • Will enable the client to make smarter, ROI driven re-investments back into more productive work environments

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