Deirdre Costello

Head of Markets and Office Agency

This International Women’s Day and every day, we are proud to recognize our inspiring women leaders and allies at JLL.
Who is a female inspiration/role model to you and why?

I have many female role models; JLL in Ireland has led the way in our industry and market with the number of women in senior roles and Ireland has been ahead of the global curve with two extremely strong female Presidents.

How are you inspiring women to achieve their ambitions at JLL?

I am acutely aware of the importance of women establishing themselves as recognized industry experts and support that during every stage of their personal and career lives. I think adopting flexibility within our team enables women to overcome many obstacles. As a mother of four, I certainly have had many demands during my career and by establishing a healthy work/life balance, we have been able to rethink our business and shape it to fit our personal lives — and in the meantime delivering better results for our clients.

Why does inclusion matter to you?

I strongly believe in inclusion and that having visible female role models encourages the next generation of businesswomen to perform better. In Dublin, we have a strong female presence amongst our next generation of leaders, and I believe this is due to the great workplace culture we have fostered.

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