Aria at Rollingbrook

1700 Rollingbrook Dr Baytown, テキサス アメリカ合衆国 77521-3367
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竣工年月 2015
敷地面積 ()
Number of units 240


Aria at Rollingbrook is a Class A, garden-style multi-housing in Baytown, 25 miles southeast of Downtown Houston. The low-density, 240-unit community is well-located within five minutes of Baytown’s two largest employers and one of its power retail intersections. Aria at Rollingbrook has excellent value-add potential with market support and is available below replacement cost on an all cash basis.

インベストメント ハイライト

Value-Add Potential for New Ownership

  • Light interior updates are recommended
  • Only community in comp set without granite or quartz countertops
  • Add private yards for premiums and differentiate in market
  • Can repurpose or update amenities to improve competitiveness

Market Support for Rent Growth

  • Barriers-to-entry submarket with zoning restrictions 
  • Limited Class A competition and zero new supply underway
  • Comp set averages 12% higher rents
  • 5.5% average annual rent growth projected for 2022-2023 by Axio

Proximate to Baytown’s Largest Demand Drivers

  • Less than 1 mile to Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital (1.8K jobs)
  • Less than 2 miles to ExxonMobil (3.8K direct jobs + 3.2K contractors)
  • Port of Houston (67K jobs) anchors local economy
  • Port of Houston is #2 largest petrochemical complex in world
  • Petrochemical industry is less susceptible to oil price volatility
  • Planned local expansions and projects expected to add 1000s of jobs

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Chris Curry
Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets
Todd Marix
Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets


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