Bergamont Townhomes

225 Bergamont Blvd Oregon, WI アメリカ合衆国 53575
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竣工年月 2015
Number of units 62
入居状況 98.0 %


Call For Offers: August 23rd

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. ("JLL"), a licensed real estate broker is pleased to present bergamont townhomes, an immaculate 62-townhome community in oregon, wisconsina blossoming suburb in the madison msa.

Appealing to families and empty nesters, these spacious townhomes feature front and backyards, attached garages, gas fireplaces, and nearly 1,300 average square feet floorplans. Bergamont is prime for an interior renovation plan to capture the tremendous growth in this affluent enclave of oregon.

Bergamont neighbors the exclusive legend at bergamont country club and nearby home values exceed $700,000. Just 20 minutes from downtown madison, this burgeoning suburb boasts a $115,000 average household income and top 7th percentile school district in the state.

Built in 2014, bergamont has posted an average occupancy of 99% over the last 24 months and 10% rent growth on new leases. The lush 12.70-acre sites includes a 3.5-acre development parcel already fully entitled for building 20 additional residential units. This incredible value-add opportunity is available on an all-cash basis.

インベストメント ハイライト

  • Townhome community with 1,293 avg sf floorplans, direct-access garages, and single-family home features
  • Value-Add Upside with $200+ justifiable rent premiums
  • Townhome community with 1,293 avg sf floorplans, direct-access garages, and single-family home features
  • Value-Add Upside with $200 justifiable rent premiums ​​​​​​​and significant room for growth
  • 20-unit / 3.5-acre fully-entitled development opportunity 
  • 100% current occupancy and 99%+ occupancy since 2020
  • 12% New Lease Trade-Outs / 6% on Renewals 
  • $115,000 avg household income in Oregon suggest residents have the ability to absorb over $1,000 rent premium
  • Neighbors Legend at Bergamont Golf Course & Country Club and Million Dollar New Homes

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最終更新日: 11 Aug 2022

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