Client story

Project Management - AstraZeneca

From an office environment that separates employees to a cross-department workplace. Communication has deepened, accelerating the growth of the Japanese market.


Osaka, Japan


Project and development management

AstraZeneca is a biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. AstraZeneca started an office relocation project in August 2013 that lasted to June 2014, and requested an investigation into a comprehensive master plan to JLL.

AstraZeneca previously considered office relocation, and their headquarter group in London aimed to convert all of their office bases around the world into offices based on the "iWork method": a work style where employees work cooperatively in an open space. First, JLL held a workshop by the AstraZeneca management. There, the important business target, "To rapidly develop the Japanese market and speed up product offerings to patients," was confirmed. However, the existing office that the company resided at the time was separated into nine floors in a 20-year-old skyscraper, which did not have any internal staircases, separating employees with many walls and cabinets. In addition, the office had little advanced technology. In order to achieve their business target, JLL promoted the construction of a cross-department workplace.

The office that was separated into nine floors was integrated to three floors in the Grand Front Osaka Tower B. Internal staircases that connect all of the floors were installed to enhance mutual cooperation capability. Also, the company installed office furniture based on ergonomics, which promotes cooperation among all departments in the entire workplace, making it easier to hold ad hoc meetings among departments. Furthermore, the company installed a new café zone that can be used all day. It also supports both town hall meetings and customer presentations. This has created an environment where many employees feel free to talk face to face, and if important stakeholders are invited to the floor, it is easy to guide them to various locations in the workplace.

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