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Yamato Material - Case Study of Office Relocation

Headquarters relocation, a necessary step for the future and development of business. Aim for an office that stirs employees' imagination.


Tokyo, Japan


Office relocation support

Yamato Material is a specialized trading company founded in 1889. The company celebrated 128 years of business in August 2017. As a necessary step to inherit its long tradition and history and to focus on the company's future and development, Yamato Material relocated its headquarters to the 24th floor of the large-scale complex building, "Kyobashi Edogrand"; just one floor with a space of about 892 m2.

When looking into a place for relocation, the company found OFFICE FINDER, JLL JAPAN's office search website, by coincidence. Yamato Material valued the quality of correspondence etc. by JLL's sales representatives, and requested JLL to find a place for relocation and to negotiate for its lease. JLL put together negotiations for the real estate lease agreement, including property introductions and intense negotiations with building owners.

Yamato Material focused on high building grade, the building's view, shared facilities and design as its conditions for relocation. JLL suggested "Kyobashi Edogrand", and its entrance, interior design, and wide space matched the sensibility of Yamato Material CEO, Ms. Kaori Morikawa. She valued the fact that the building is directly connected to the Tokyo Metro's Kyobashi Station, is within a walking distance from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station, has panoramic view from the Tokyo Bay area to Shinjuku, the branding behind maintaining the main store of a well-established retailer, the design of its public spaces, and the ample amount of restaurants.

After relocating the office, considerable effort was put into its interior design, which included things such as Japanese-style room and cafe space as a space for social gatherings of employees and guests, rest areas near the windows, and showrooms. Ms. Morikawa said, "By being one step ahead in design, expansion and growth, I aimed to increase employee awareness and stir their imagination." After relocating, communication among all employees has drastically increased. Also, employee satisfaction levels have risen in many aspects, including employees' sense of satisfaction, confidence and teamwork.

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