Client story

Sekisui Heim Kinki - Case Study of Office Relocation and Project Management

Established a new urban-center information base that offers safe and secure living spaces. JLL: offering smooth support from interior finishing to relocation in just one month.


Osaka, Japan


Office relocation support and project and development management

A major mission of Sekisuiheim Kinki was to expand its share in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka. As part of the mission, the company decided to establish a new information base that offers experience in house planning for urban areas. In July 2017, the company established "Sekisuiheim Museum Umeda" on the 23rd floor of the "Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower" located in Umeda, Osaka. This is a brand new museum with "disaster reduction" and "self-sufficient energy," as its keywords. The museum offers comprehensive, safe and secure house planning in the theater room, which aims to recognize the importance of disaster reduction through preparation for huge earthquakes, hosts exhibition booths where you can visually see house properties and structures, 3D simulations in which you can realistically visualize a house, and more.

In this establishing project, JLL gave support for the real estate lease and JLL Constructions gave support for the project and for the development management. Mr. Yoshinori Okabe from Sekisuiheim Kinki highly appraises JLL's responsiveness, saying, "Even though it was only a short period of one month, JLL flexibly worked in cost negotiations and schedule arrangements, and smoothly implemented processes from interior finishing work to relocation."

In the course of searching for a base, the Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower was selected as a result of comparing multiple potential buildings around Umeda, the center of Osaka. The decisive factor was that the building satisfied all requirements, such as the brand of the Umeda area, consumer awareness of the building (as it houses famous department stores), accessibility from Osaka Station and Umeda Station, a view of Midosuji, and appropriate size. Mr. Okabe informed us that he would be cooperating with the showrooms of a housing equipment manufacturers, etc. that reside in the same building and is looking into creating a win-win system through strategies such as customer attraction.

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