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Office Relocation and Project Management - Immersion Japan

An innovation company that enriches society with its advanced technology, has relocated. Its sophisticated office, the "face" of the company, has become a foundation for business expansion.


Osaka, Japan


Office relocation support and project and development management

The American company Immersion, the developers of touch feedback technology, started a relocation project for its Japanese company office in the autumn of 2016. Originally, the company was in a building that was a bit of a distance from Shibuya Station, but by keeping in mind business expansion in Japan, increases in their customer base, and convenience for visitors and staff from foreign countries, Immersion Japan decided to relocate to a more convenient office. To search for a place for relocation, Immersion Japan consulted JLL after being introduced by its American headquarters. It was decided that JLL would provide comprehensive support, including not only support for real estate leases but also in project management for interior finishing.

The company previewed five relocation candidate sites that satisfied their requirements, and ultimately decided to relocate to an area of about 99 m2 in Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube, which at the time had only just been completed. Mr. Nobumitsu Shimada, the CEO of Immersion Japan, said, "JLL showed expertise in lease negotiations, cost management, and the ability to enter intense negotiations with owners and vendors." In addition, JLL progressed smoothly from interior finishing to relocation within a very short period of just two months.

Otemachi is a place in which the headquarters of a major financial institute and newspaper company are located, and you could say Otemachi is a pronoun for finance and media, but Mr. Shimada said, "With a perspective towards diversity, the building's owner welcomed the relocation of a new type of company such as us. Also for our company, the fact that we could relocate to a building with an Otemachi address, and with extraordinary consumer awareness and grade, is beneficial for showing branding, gaining the trust of our clients and our business stability." It looks like this relocation will be the foundation for our expansion of business.

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