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Basic Policy for Anti-Social Forces

​​​​1. We clearly define in our own code of ethics, code of conduct, company rules that all executives and employees resolutely work toward not having any relations with Anti-Social Forces.

2. We ensure that any employees who deal with unjustified demand from Anti-Social Forces will be protected. 

3. We work with external specialized agencies such as police, attorneys, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan and TOKUBOREN, and handle properly in an organized ​​way in order to prevent damages caused by Anti-Social Forces.

4. We shall have no relationship with any Anti-Social Forces or their associates, and will not accept any demands from an Anti-Social Forces or their associates.

5. We take civil and criminal legal measures against illegitimate demands, other pressures or approaches from Anti-social Forces and their associates.

6. We make no backroom deals with Anti-Social Forces for any reasons, even in cases where  Anti-Social Forces demand such deals due to the corporate misconduct or employees’ misconduct. 

7. We never provide any fund or money to Anti-Social Forces.
April 2015